Why You Should Use Floor Trusses

Floor trusses are structures which support the floor, making it more durable. They are typically made from timber. They can be used instead of the traditional floor joist. Here is why you should use a truss when renovating or building a floor.


Floor trusses are cost-effective. When a floor truss is used, less material is needed to construct the floor than when compared with floor joists. Additionally, they can be custom made using computer software to ensure that they will fit your property, reducing the likelihood of having to order a new truss. Furthermore, due to the open structure of the truss, wires and plumbing can be easily fitted without having to cut gaps in the structure. 

This also decreases the chance of mistakes occurring that can damage the floor's strength. They are less time-consuming to create and install than floor joists which make them an effective choice for constructing floors. The environment and process of manufacturing trusses are carefully monitored to reduce the chance of changes to the wood during this stage. This lowers the occurrence of defects, and therefore, the project can run more smoothly and quickly.  


Floor trusses come in a variety of lengths. If they are not long enough, then further wood can be added to increase the length of the floor. Furthermore, the width of the timber enables a large surface area for the use of glue and nails, making construction less difficult. The use of just one assembly to support your floors means that there will be less cost in producing more structures. Additionally, if you are renovating a property, you may be able to bulk buy trusses for each floor.


Floor trusses can be used for both level and dipped floors. This is because the truss can be created with a ladder structure. This reduces the amount of work that the constructor has to do, therefore decreasing cost and time needed to install. They can also be used on angled beams and in deep buildings due to the different lengths and designs available.


Floor trusses are strong enough to be used in busy buildings. They can also be used to support other structural areas, such as beams.

Economically friendly

Many truss manufacturers use sustainable methods. They can use leftover wood for adaptions to other trusses, if the floor was incorrectly measured or if the contractor is going to work on an increased area.

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