The Merits of Spray Foam Insulation for Dream Home Construction

Spray foam insulation, a high-performance insulation solution, has been gaining momentum in the construction industry. This material, available in open-cell or closed-cell forms, is sprayed into cavities and crevices of a building structure. It expands upon application, filling spaces to create a well-working barrier against heat transfer and air infiltration. The Process of Spray Foam Insulation Installation During installation, a professional contractor applies the spray foam using specialised equipment. As the foam is sprayed, it expands to fill the space, hardening into a solid insulating layer. Read More 

4 Reasons to Choose Hardwood Flooring for Your Entry Hall

When you think about the most used areas of your house, you probably think about rooms like the kitchen or living room. However, your home's entry hall is what connects most of those rooms and is the first area people will take in as they enter the property. As such, it's wise to think long and hard about which type of flooring will be best for that area. While there are several options, hardwood timber flooring tends to make the most sense in entry halls. Read More