Tips to keep a laminate floor as good as new

Laminate flooring is a very popular solution for the home; it has an attractive finish, is easy to clean and is very durable. Nonetheless, any type of flooring will suffer some kind of wear and tear, but the good news is that there are ways to protect your floor and keep damage to a minimum.


You don't need to go barefoot, but your laminate floor isn't a sidewalk, and it might be worth thinking about what you have on your feet. Flat-soled shoes are unlikely to be a problem; stiletto heels and hob-nailed boots should be left outside.


Rugs and mats look great on laminate flooring. They will also protect the surface from wear and tear if you place them under furniture, or in a high traffic area such as doorways.


The hard-wearing surface of laminate flooring means that pets are unlikely to damage it; but there is still the possibility of a cat digging its claws in. You could try to make the room a no-pet zone; it is also worth keeping your pet's claws trimmed, particularly if you have a cat who doesn't go outside much.


Water can be a serious problem and cause laminate floors to warp and buckle. Clean up any spillages immediately, and do not use a wet mop when cleaning. And watch out for leaks if you have a sink or a washing machine in the room. If you can use sealant between the tiles when they are installed, so much the better.


Glue felt pads under the legs of tables and chairs; these can be bought from a hardware store, or you can make your own. They should stop furniture from scuffing and scratching the floor. Don't forget to add them to any other furniture you bring in temporarily from another room. You can also put mats underneath moving furniture such as computer chairs.


Grit, sand and small stones can all cause marks or scratches if they are trodden in. Sweep the floor regularly, and clean it once a week with a laminate floor cleaner, taking care not to make the floor wet.

And finally, don't panic. Houses are for living in, and you should not worry not too much about your floor. Scratches can be repaired, and a few marks are merely a sign of a busy family life. Reach out to a flooring contractor for more information.