A Step by Step Guide to Cleaning Your Tile Floor Grout

Grimy grout lines can affect the appearance of your tile flooring. For this reason, it is essential to not only clean the tiles but also pay attention to the grout to keep it clean and healthy. Grout cleaning doesn't have to be a difficult task. With a few supplies, you can set a weekend off to clean the grout on all your floor tiles and restore their beautiful appearance. Here is a step by step guide to help you accomplish this: 

Gather your supplies

DIY grout cleaning requires a few supplies that you can get in your kitchen or the local store. These products are safe, cheap, and natural, and will get rid of deep stains on your tile floor grout. They include the following:

  • A stiff-bristled hand brush, preferably one with a single row of bristles for focused cleaning.
  • Distilled food-grade white vinegar.
  • A spray bottle.

The best hand brush for the task is a short one, and this means that you will be on your hands and knees so that you can work closely to the tile.

Prepare the flooring

After gathering your supplies, the next thing is to prepare the floor. Cleaning the floor beforehand will make the task easier. Therefore, sweep the floor to get rid of dirt and debris which can damage the tile or grout as you scrub the floor. You don't have to mop as that can be done after cleaning the grout.

Mix the solution

The next step is to mix the solution that will be used for cleaning. The amount to use will depend on the size of your spray bottle. It is advisable that you get one that can hold at least half a liter of the solution so that you don't have to keep on preparing more. Measure equal parts of the distilled white vinegar and warm water and pour the solution into the spray bottle. Spray the liquid on the grout, ensuring that it covers the area entirely. Leave it for around ten minutes to act on the grime.

Scrub the floor

After approximately ten minutes, spray more solution on the grout and scrub firmly. You can use a circular or back and forth motion depending on the most comfortable technique for you. The dirt and grime should come off quickly since you soaked the grout before cleaning. Once done, rinse the scrubbed area using a wet cloth, mop, and warm water.

If the grout is stained with food and beverage spills, you can add baking soda to the cleaning solution. This is a natural product that's effective in getting rid of stubborn stains on flooring. If that doesn't work, consider hiring a flooring contractor for professional cleaning.