Considerations before Choosing Kitchen Tiles

You drag chairs on them, kids play on them and at times pets stain them. It is without a doubt that kitchen floors get messy most of the time than any other room floor. Therefore, before landing on a type of kitchen tiles that suit you, you need to do some comprehensive research. However, when most people choose their kitchen tiles, they concentrate so much on appearance. However, it is advisable to get kitchen tiles that are durable stylish for your kitchen. If you are wondering what to look for when choosing the kitchen tiles, here are some of the considerations:

Durability of Tile versus Family Habits

Given that a lot of activities happen in the kitchen. It is necessary to be keen on the type of tiles that you choose. The tiles should be durable enough to withstand heavy traffic, spilling of foods and withstand constant sprawling by pets. The kitchen tiles that you put on the floor should be durable enough, rough texture and non-slippery. For the kitchen walls, consider getting tiles that are slippery a bit and easy to clean. You can have the porcelain tiles for the walls and the quarry tiles or limestone based tiles for the floors.

Texture of the Tiles

As much as you may concentrate on the decorative nature of the kitchen tiles, you also need to check on the texture of the tiles. The texture of your kitchen tiles defines their daily use. For instance, you may decide to go for a gloss porcelain kitchen tiles because of their nice looks but they are often slippery when used for cooking. One of the considerations of kitchen tiles is a non-slip feature. The non-slip nature is essential mostly when you do a lot of cooking and the kitchen often remains steamy most of the time. It is for this reason that you would prefer matte finish or textured tiles for your kitchen.

Colour and Finishing

For most people, this is one of the most obvious factors to consider. However, getting the best kitchen tiles colour that can transform the look of the kitchen is often a daunting task. First, consider getting kitchen tiles that make the kitchen appealing, inviting and comfortable. The colour considered should make the kitchen feel clean at all times. You need to avoid dark colours in the kitchen as they mostly hide dirt and stains.

Porosity of the Tiles

The porosity of the tiles defines whether there exist pores or not on the surface of the kitchen tiles. When choosing the kitchen tiles, you need to avoid those with tiny holes or gaps. The pores on the kitchen tiles surface are likely to absorb liquids and even odours. The best kitchen tiles should have low porosity. They remain clean and free of stains whenever food spills occur while eating or cooking.

Having the above factors in mind will definitely help you get desirable kitchen tiles.